Phoenix, AZ – Drivers in Arizona who have been involved in an accident can use an accident report for a number of different reasons. This will be automatically generated by local law enforcement after they respond to a collision and do their initial investigation. The report can then be used by the victim and their attorney to help show that the defendant was at fault for the collisions and all associated losses. 

Notifying relevant parties about the collision

Arizona law does not actually require people to report all accidents to law enforcement, although they must still contact the other drivers and notify their insurance companies. However, accident reports are still useful and they should be obtained after all serious collisions. Drivers also cannot leave the scene without contacting anyone at the scene, as this is illegal in every state and any driver that does so may face criminal charges. 

What is in the accident report? 

This document contains several different pieces of information as required by state law. The time of accident, including the specific date and hour of the day needs to be recorded. The specific location such as the street or intersection, along with other identifying details should be given to give the reader an idea of exactly where the collision happened. All people involved in the collision need to be identified with their name, address, phone number, insurance policy, and registration. There also needs to be a narrative from the investigators detailing what they believe happened and some opinions about the cause of the accident. This is also shown with diagrams. All police officers who were involved in the investigation and creating the report must also be listed. 

Using the accident report in a lawsuit

This information, especially the parts about what caused the accident and the officer’s opinions, can be very useful during a personal injury lawsuit. Injury cases attempt to establish that one party was negligent by breaching their standard duty of care on the roads. Fault and negligence are usually closely related for the purposes of insurance claims and injury lawsuits.

If one driver is determined to be at fault, they will generally have to pay for the victim’s lost wages, medical treatment, and non-economic damages for emotional pain and suffering. Damages tend to increase as injuries and losses become more severe, especially if the victim can no longer work or requires long term medical care. 

Getting help and additional information from an attorney

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