Phoenix, AZ police brutality lawyers discuss what happened and why this woman’s family is calling for “major accountability.”


An Arizona family is concerned with how police officers treated their grandmother after being dispatched to a call that resulted in the elderly woman sustaining injuries [Source: AZ Central]. According to the source, it was on February 14th when Mesa police officers were called for a welfare check on a relative near McKellips and Gilbert Road. Officers, however, said that they were actually responding to an emergency call for a suicidal man who had been sitting in a vehicle with a gun in front of a house. That house belonged to Virginia, the woman who claimed that Mesa police officers physically abused her. The woman has asked the news source to refrain from using her full name for privacy reasons.

When officers arrived at the home, they “saw a man matching the description get out of a car and head into a residence.” Officers called for the man to come back out of the home but instead, Virginia came to the door and stepped outside. While she was compliant with officer commands and walked towards them, she appeared to be confused and then tried to return to the residence after she reached the officers. Officials began to use force to keep Virginia from going back inside and out of harm’s way. However, the photos that were shared along with the recorded interview she agreed to, shows the woman with a black and blue eye and several large bruises on her arms.

She says the offices grabbed her arms rather tightly and the next thing she remembers was waking up on the pavement next to a patrol car. Again, Virginia is an 84-year-old woman who has already survived four strokes so this use of force could have ended with a fatality. The officers later confirmed that they found the woman’s grandson inside the home along with a BB gun.


Was the use of force necessary?


After Mesa police were contacted regarding the potential police brutality incident, they admitted to using force on the woman but the officers stated that they were simply trying to protect Virginia and prevent her from going back into the home. But Virginia’s granddaughter, Ashlee Hahn, thinks otherwise. In a statement she provided to the news source, she stated, “This shouldn’t happen, there should never be any reason for an 84-year old grandmother, who just had her fourth stroke in December, to be put on the ground like that”

It was also reported that Virginia was ticketed for obstructing justice. But, after the family contacted the police department, they confirmed that they would be conducting an investigation regarding the matter.

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