The family of Ulysses Wilkerson claims that five Troy police officers blatantly violated his Fourth Amendment rights in Alabama. The lawsuit is in connection with an earlier arrest that landed Wilkerson in the hospital.

Family Files Lawsuit to See Bod Cam Footage

The family filed a lawsuit against the police officers on December 9th, 2019 to see body cam footage. The court documents state that the officers participated in unlawful arrest, wrongful seizure, use of excessive force, and illegal assault that directly resulted in Wilkerson’s injuries.

Angela Williams, Ulysses mother who was 17 years old at the time of the arrest, questioned why the footage was not yet released if there was nothing wrong and what was the department trying to hide. The family is also seeking recovery of medical costs because of police brutality.

Wilkerson’s attorney, Julian McPhillips, claims that the law offices of McPhillips Shinbaum would be taking up the case. He added that the attorneys were pursuing the case of a very unfortunate teenager who had his face beaten to a pulp with multiple broken bones in police custody.

Wilkerson Is Charged With Capital Murder

Ulysses Wilkerson is currently in the Morgan County Jail. He was charged with capital murder. Wilkerson is one of the two suspects arrested for the death of Michael Irvin, Jr.

Williams asserts that Wilkerson was simply taking a walk in downtown Troy when several police officers started pursuing him. Wilkerson was unarmed and did not resist arrest. She says that the officers got out of their patrol cars and threw Wilkerson down before kicking and beating him.

However, officers from the scene claim that Wilkerson fled when the police asked him to stop and that he also refused to comply with their demands. Police maintain that Wilkerson made a show of reaching into his waistband which gave the appearance that he may have a weapon.

Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law in Alabama

It is illegal for government actors as per 42 US Code, Section 1983 to deprive any individual of their constitutional rights. The law came into force in 1871 as a measure to stop oppression by government officials. It was also originally intended to stop members of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other private vigilante organizations from persecuting citizens.

It takes a police misconduct lawyer to fully understand 42 USC § 1983 and to file a successful lawsuit. Victims can take legal action against state and federal officials with the help of this legal remedy. It is important to retain a police misconduct attorney as soon as possible in the event of excessive use of force, racial profiling, false arrest, and sexual harassment among others.

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