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Common Types of Police Misconduct and Brutality Cases in Texas

There are several types of incidents that can constitute as police brutality in Texas. These can range from verbally harassing comments to serious instances in which a suspect is beaten, sexually abused, or even fatally shot. Below are some of the most common forms of police misconduct for which you may be able to file a lawsuit over:

  • Abuse of a prison inmate
  • Disrupting the scene of a crime
  • Excessive force (such as assault and battery)
  • False arrest, conviction, or imprisonment
  • Falsifying or tampering with evidence
  • Harassment (verbal, physical, or sexual)
  • Racial profiling or any other kind of discrimination
  • Search or seizure without a warrant
  • Sexual assault or rape
  • Unnecessary shooting of an unarmed suspect
  • Weapons violations
  • Wrongful death of a suspect due to illegal use of violent tactics


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Though police are allowed to use force when necessary to bring a suspect into custody, there is a limit to how far they can go. Officers do not have the right to harass, beat, or unreasonably shoot suspects without due reason. If and when they do, they have committed a crime and victims can take legal action with a police brutality lawyer. 

Police do not have the right to abuse their powers, nor can they use excessive force when a suspect is cooperating. The use of weapons should be limited to only extreme circumstances when suspects pose a viable threat to others. Even then, this should be the very last resort, only taken when all other options have failed. Plus, regardless of whether someone is accused of a crime, police do not have a right to verbally or physically attack them with force that is beyond reasonable.

Do not allow unruly police officers to get away with their misconduct. Turn to one of our featured police brutality attorneys in Texas today to discuss your options in filing a case so you can obtain the justice you deserve for the illegal actions of a law enforcement official.