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Imagine you are out at a gathering with friends and family. The police are called because of a noise complaint. As they arrive, they take it upon themselves to begin asking people to refrain from speaking or moving. One girl decides to walk away and one of the officers slams her body on the concrete ground, instantly causing a jolt in the evening, as well as injuries to the young girl. Everyone stares in shock, wondering if what just happened was unjust, or if the officer was simply following protocol. The fact is, that officer just abused their rights. While the officers performed their job and arrived on scene trying to figure out where the problem was, they used excessive force as opposed to reasonable force.

Police brutality is something that is experienced by Iowa residents far too often.  Whether you are at fault for committing a crime or not, a police officer has a policy to stand by, and should they decide to go beyond their allowed level of power, displaying acts of aggressive behavior or deadly force, consequences must be put into place. As residents of Iowa, you expect your state’s police officers to protect you, serve you, and keep peace among the community. Often enough, police officers abuse the power given to them to protect the people, resulting in them hurting the innocent, and sometimes killing them.

The abuse stops here. How can you ensure you obtain justice and receive compensation for the injuries you have incurred or that a loved one has suffered? Simple. Reach out to a police brutality attorney right here on USAttorneys.com.


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 A police brutality case can sometimes become a bit challenging, seeing as you are filing a case against someone who works as a representative and enforcer of the law. However, you are not alone. Place your trust in USAttorneys.com, and know that you will find a highly qualified police brutality lawyer in Iowa who will not rest until they can help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

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