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Have you experienced excessive use of force while being restrained by a police officer in South Dakota? Were you wrongfully arrested because of an officer’s prejudice against your race or ethnic group? Did you lose a loved after they were shot by a law enforcement official, even though they were unarmed?

If any of these scenarios are familiar to you, then you may benefit from hiring a South Dakota police brutality lawyer.

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The Truth About Police Brutality in South Dakota

Though not every incident is captured on film or documented in the media, incidents involving police misconduct and police brutality in South Dakota happen more frequently than anyone can imagine. Sadly, many of the officers who use excessive or violent force when handling suspects are never reprimanded, nor brought to justice. This is why it is absolutely imperative that those who have been mistreated by law enforcement officials consult with a police brutality lawyer for assistance in evaluating their case and filing a claim to recover their due compensation.

Below are some frightening, yet real examples of people who have experienced police brutality in South Dakota, as well as other shocking facts about the continuing problem of police misconduct across the state:

  • Allen Locke, a 30-year-old Native American, was killed by police in Rapid City, South Dakota just one day after attending a #NativeLivesMatter anti-police brutality march and rally in December 2014.
  • In 2014, a shocking display of police brutality in South Dakota was captured on camera by civilians. The officer in question was identified as Becky Sotherland, of the Pine Ridge police department. She was recorded stunning a man with a taser gun several times. Despite being paralyzed and unable to signal for help, witnesses allege the officer shocked the man over a dozen times. In the video, numerous people are heard screaming at the officer, pleading with her to stop tasing the man.
  • In another display of excessive taser use – and perhaps one of the most horrific police misconduct incidents to have ever occurred – a South Dakota police officer tased an 8-year-old girl (Also Native American) in 2013 who had been holding a knife, but who had not demonstrated any intention on harming anyone. Needless to say, the girl’s mother filed a police brutality lawsuit on the grounds that excessive force was used to subdue the young victim. What did police have to say? Former police chief, Robert Grandpre, defended the tasing officer’s actions and went as far as to claim that police “might possibly have saved this girl’s life” because they performed emergency procedures AFTER shooting her with a taser gun that had such high voltage the girl could have been killed.
  • In 2004, a bill intended on reducing racial profiling in South Dakota was rejected. The bill, R. 1204, would have required police to collect data regarding stops and arrests that could have helped determine whether or not race or ethnicity was a contributing factor. Similar legislation had previously and since then been introduced, only to be continually rejected.


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