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Imagine for one moment that you are arrested for a crime you did not commit, solely because of the color of your skin. Imagine being brutally beaten by a police officer, despite cooperating with an investigation, while being taken into custody, or even worse, while minding your own business walking down the street. Imagine watching a loved one be shot to death by a law enforcement officer who believed they were a threat, even though your loved one wasn’t even possessing a weapon.

Sadly, these are not imaginary scenarios. These are real-life examples of police misconduct and police brutality. Incidents that often occur in Rhode Island.

Though police officers have certain abilities to use force in order to maintain the law and the safety of civilians, there are times when they abuse their power and physically harm individuals. This is not ok. Officers do not have the right to deliberately inflict injuries on suspects or fire their weapons at will. When this happens, they are violating the law and victims have a right to seek justice. That’s where we step in to help.


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If you are a victim of a false arrest, excessive police force, harassment, or lost a loved one because of an officer’s decision to deploy a firearm, you may be entitled to compensation. The road to obtaining justice for your pain and suffering starts with hiring a top Rhode Island police brutality attorney, and our site will assist  you in doing just that.

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Did you know that police officers are limited in the amount of force they can use when interacting, investigating, and arresting suspects? Yet, they often use excessive and violent means to bring individuals into custody. When this happens, it is the officers themselves who have committed a crime, and victims have a right to fight back.

It is important to recognize when a police officer has exploited their power as a defender and protector of the law. Police misconduct usually involves the use of overly aggressive or violent tactics during arrests, searches, or seizures. These can include actions like beating a suspect that is already detained, discriminating against an individual (such as racial profiling) and using stereotypes as justification for an arrest, falsifying evidence at a crime scene, or shooting someone who is unarmed.

If you were the victim of police brutality or lost a loved one because of an officer’s unruly conduct, you are not alone. Don’t allow your civil rights to be violated by a cop who has broken the law. The legal professionals we feature on our site can help you file a case and ensure those officers responsible for your pain and suffering are held accountable. Schedule a consultation with a Rhode Island police brutality lawyer today.