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Imagine this: You are placed in the custody of a police officer for a crime you did not commit. You are clueless as to why you are being detained. Even worse, your loved one was near the scene of the crime and was shot by an officer, resulting in death. Here’s another awful scenario: Perhaps you may actually be guilty of a crime, however, the police officer in charge of detaining you sexually harasses you in the process by performing an uncalled for and invasive cavity search. All of these instances have one thing in common: police brutality.

One thing is for certain, and that is the fact that police officers are given the right to possess a certain level of power – power an ordinary citizen legally is not entitled to. This power is expected to be exercised in times of need, such as during life-threatening situations.  When a police officer abuses their power simply because they believe they have the right to, it goes beyond the use of reasonable force and turns into illegal and aggressive misconduct.

Officers are limited in the amount of force they can use with suspects, and it is important to recognize when this power is being exploited, as opposed to when it’s used to serve the protection of the community. Seeking a police brutality attorney in Kentucky is the first stepping stone in fighting against an unjust action by an officer of the law and ensuring your voice is heard so that police misconduct can decrease in its entirety.


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If you are a victim of a wrongful arrest, aggressive behavior displayed by a police officer, the use of excessive force, harassment made by an officer, etc., wants to help you throughout this process. While you may be dealing with the financial and emotional damage brought upon you by an officer of the law, finding a genuine and honest police brutality attorney in Kentucky is the best thing you can do for yourself.

We make the process of locating an attorney in your area simple and easy. Our site is effortless to navigate through, and here you will find reputable attorneys serving you who have experience working with cases pertaining to police officers violating their given rights. Give us a call today to ensure you obtain a top Kentucky police brutality lawyer to assist you with your case. While some cases vary in complexity, we can assure you that no matter which attorney you choose, if you found them through our site, you’ll be working with one of the best legal practitioners in the state.


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If you were the victim of police brutality or lost a loved one because of an officer’s unruly conduct, know that you are not alone in this matter. All of the legal representatives featured on will work with you and help you fight your police brutality case.

Police officers are expected to abide by standards of integrity that are set forth upon them when the power to use force is placed in their hands. We will work with you to ensure you attain a reputable police brutality lawyer in Kentucky who will do everything in their power so that justice is served and so that any officers who have misused or abused their powers are held accountable. Schedule a consultation today!