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If you or a loved one were subjected to excessive force by a police officer during an arrest, you are not alone. Hundreds of people in Arizona have been the victims of police misconduct, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand by and watch your rights be taken advantage of. A police brutality lawyer is available right now to help you seek justice, and we are here to help you retain the best legal representation possible. is a free and convenient site that provides you with access to some of the most experienced and acclaimed police brutality attorneys in Arizona. Through our site, you can quickly find and retain an attorney who has the knowledge and commitment it takes to obtain a successful verdict for your case. Browse to learn more about the top legal professionals who are practicing in your neighborhood, their success stories, background, and more. You can also find useful information that can help you with your case, as well as understand your rights following an incident of police misconduct or harassment.


What is Police Brutality and Why Should You Seek Legal Counsel?

Police officers have the legal right to use force when merited. By merited, this implies that the suspect was posing some sort of threat or danger to those around them. However, police officers often take this right to the extremes and abuse their power as law enforcement officials. When overly aggressive, violent, or even deadly means are used to restrain a suspect or bring them to justice, said person is the victim of police brutality.

Police brutality can include numerous incidents and actions. Most commonly, it is defined as the deliberate use of excessive force. Though often relating to physical force, police brutality can also include verbal attacks and intimidation, such as harassing statements, threats, and psychological tactics to coerce a suspect into submission.

There are several forms of police brutality, and it is considered one of many forms of police misconduct. Along with physical and emotional harm, misconduct by a police officer can also include the following:

  • False arrest
  • Racial profiling
  • Sexual abuse (including invasive cavity searches)
  • Aggressive implementation of handcuffs
  • Throwing a suspect to the ground
  • Use of deadly force by a weapon, such as a gun or taser


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Police brutality has been the subject of several public outcries and media coverage. In April, 2015, an Arizona police officer was fired after allegedly committing an act of misconduct. The officer was caught on film stomping an 18-year-old in his back, causing him to hit the floor and lose several teeth. Though this officer was held accountable for his actions, several others are allowed to commit similar injustices without repercussions. That’s where having an experienced Arizona police brutality lawyer can make all the difference in a case.

An attorney who has the knowledge, who has been dealing and successfully representing cases involving police misconduct, and who has the commitment it takes to seek justice for their clients will stop at nothing to ensure victims’ rights are upheld. Our featured Arizona police brutality attorneys are available right now to take your case. Give one of them a call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.