Were You the Victim of Excessive Police Force in Alaska?

A Police Brutality Attorney Can Help

When someone is accused of a crime, police officers are tasked with bringing them to justice. However, there are times when officers go beyond the scope of their legal limits when making an arrest. There are numerous times when police officers in Alaska employ excessive use of violence, harassment, and aggression to subdue persons who are believed to have broken the law. When this happens, not only can the officer be discredited, but victims may be entitled to seek damages for any physical injuries or mental anguish they were subjected to.

If you or someone you know was hurt during an arrest, aggressively restrained, or fatally wounded although they were unarmed, it’s time to seek legal counsel with a police brutality lawyer.

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Why Hire a Police Brutality Lawyer?

Although there have been numerous and highly publicized cases in which police officers have used excessive force with suspects, police brutality and police misconduct continue to be a growing problem throughout Alaska and the United States as a whole. Though suspects may be led to believe that they somehow deserved such aggressive and violent treatment, it is the officers that have stepped out of line.

So what does this mean for victims? For one, it means that they may have been wrongfully arrested. Second, it means they may be entitled to compensation for any injuries that were sustained at the hands of a harassing police officer.

An Alaska police brutality lawyer can evaluate your case and determine whether or not you have a viable claim. If so, you may be eligible to obtain damages after having your civil rights violated.

Turn to one of our featured police brutality attorneys for assistance with any of the following types of case matters:

  • Excessive police force
  • Inappropriate use of a taser gun
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Harassment by a police officer while making an arrest
  • Use of deadly force by an officer
  • Any other instance in which an officer abused their power or committed an act of negligence


Obtain the Justice You Deserve

Civilians place their trust in police officers to maintain safety and to ensure our country’s laws are upheld. Yet, there are times when it is the officers themselves who are violating the laws. Inappropriate, harassing, or abusive treatment by police should by no means be tolerated – regardless of what kind of crime you or a loved one may have been accused of committing.

If you or someone you know were the victims of officer abuse or misconduct in Alaska, you may be entitled to file a police brutality lawsuit. Turn to one of our featured police brutality lawyers today to discuss your case options. Our attorneys will thoroughly evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case and will do everything in their power to make sure that you obtain the justice you deserve.