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In the public eye, police officers are often viewed as “heroes” and distinguished as “brave”. In many cases, these qualities are demonstrated among police officers all throughout Idaho.  Unfortunately, though, there are times when police officers abuse their rights and privileges, which can extend far above those of average civilians, and act in a manner that goes beyond the reasonable tactics of what “duty” calls for. Police officers are expected to provide protection for the community, and at the same time, practice proper conduct in all situations. There are cases where officers may require a use of force, sometimes resulting in injury or death, but harassment and aggressive behavior should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The truth of the matter is that police obtain a level of power, and sometimes they abuse this power. The result? Unnecessary injuries, psychological abuse, and oftentimes, even death.

It is becoming far too common to hear about police brutality and the aggressive behavior that some law enforcement officials are exhibiting. The use of physical means should never surpass the regulated amount that is necessary when performing expected services. Should a police officer exhibit excessive force or illegal use of violence, their rights as an officer need to be discontinued, and they as individual citizens themselves, should be reprimanded for their illicit behavior.

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