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Crimes occur on a day to day basis in Hawaii and across the United States as a whole. Police officers hold a position in society where they are responsible to protect the public, as well as be available when a crime is in the making or has already taken place. As part of an officer’s duty to lay down the law, they are also expected to conduct themselves in a manner that follows the law as well. Police officers hold a certain level of power, unlike regular civilians in society, and sometimes are required to use force, be it physical or deadly. Unfortunately, though, there are instances in which an officer may take their power beyond legal standards, to the point that it becomes excessive and sometimes brutal.

Whether an officer is restraining a person of interest who may have been involved in a crime or someone who refuses to obey the commands of a law enforcement official, excessive force is beyond the rights of any police division. Police brutality is a serious crime, and should be recognized just as when a civilian breaks the law themselves. Police misconduct ranges from shooting an unarmed suspect, to overly abusive behavior toward a civilian being taken into custody. Regardless of the actual incident, if you have experienced any kind of aggressive behavior from police, you have rights and responsibilities, just as they do.

What is the next step of action to take if you have been a victim of police brutality? Understand that you have U.S. Constitutional rights as every resident of Hawaii, and as such, can take legal action with the help of a Hawaii police brutality lawyer to protect those rights.


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Being a victim of a wrongful arrest, excessive force by a police officer, or police misconduct can leave you wondering how you are going to receive the help you need and the rightful guidance you deserve. That’s where steps in to assist you in handling the matter at hand.

We make it quick and easy to access an array of top police brutality attorneys in Hawaii who can help you fight your case in court and procure the compensation you deserve for your mistreatment. With our reputable lawyers working on your side to help get you the justice you deserve, you will be feeling more at ease and confident that you will obtain justice as someone who has been the victim of an unruly crime. It is important to understand the difference between reasonable force vs. excessive force performed by a police officer, and to know that if you are a victim of such a crime, to allow one of our police brutality lawyers in Hawaii to represent you and take a stand against this atrocity.

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